Green Salad
Batons/ slices of fresh garden vegetables served with a dip
Fresca ensalada con vegetales del jardín acompañado de aderezo
Kachumber Salad
Cubes of cucumber, tomatoes and onions in lemon dessing
Cubos de pepino, tomate y cebollas
Murgh Chaat
Juliennes of tandoori chicken, onions, tomatoes and bell peppers with Chaat masala
Ensalada acompañada de pollo al grill, cebollas, tomate pimientos
y aderezo Chaat masala
Aloo Kheera Chaat
Chaat preparation of boiled potato and cucumbers
Papas cocidas con pepino
Chana Dal Chaat
Boiled lentil mixed with lemon juice and select Indian species
Lentejas cocidas con limón y típicas especias de India
Fruit Chaat
Fresh fruits cubes with Chaat masala

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